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  • The 'Cheap Trick' Drum setup featuring their logo on the bass drum.

    The “Five Minute Drill” with Old Rock Bands

    We have had the interesting experience with a couple of rock rands from the 60’s and 70’s who still think it is “cool” to make the audience wait in anticipation for their grand entrance on stage.  At a recent corporate event, the stage manager for a “rock band” listened to the rehearsed band introduction by […]

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  • a lineup of 3 professional headshots. One man and 2 women.

    Headshots for Everyone

    One of the services that we offer at events is show photography. Many events feature a photographer to capture the key highlights and events, but one of our event photographers also happens to shoot unbelievable portrait shots and is often hired to shoot headshots for artists and performers.  Bonus Feature As a fun, added feature […]

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  • Mike Eruzione

    Type: Keynote, Captain of 1980 Olympic Hockey team Pros: I have worked with Mike Eruzione a number of times as a keynote or featured speaker. On every occasion, you can feel the excitement and energy coming from the audience when he talks about the 1980 Olympic Hockey team. Mike always connects the presentation to the theme […]

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  • A photo of Ron Blackmore and 2 other men

    Ron Blackmore: Someone you Should Know

    Ron Blackmore is a talent agent/broker and runs a company called NextLevel, which contracts talent for private events. I have worked with Ron for over 10 years and always feel that he puts the clients’ interest first every time.  One of the things I most appreciate about Ron is his ability to present a group of […]

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  • A close up of the neck of a guitar

    When the Band Van Breaks Down

    The Saturday afternoon before a large corporate show that we were producing, I looked down to see my cell phone ringing—not always a good thing this close to a show. The call was from the production manager for the band scheduled to be the Tuesday night entertainment. Three previous calls had planned this part of the show […]

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  • A photo of a concert from the audience view

    But No Brown M&Ms

    Rock bands have long been famous with their specific and lengthy backstage requirements. These demands are found in a rider attached to their contract and can detail anything from a band’s snacking needs to lighting and sound equipment requirements. This list of requirements can be short or can go on for pages—in perhaps the most […]

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  • Tri-Marq wins Telly Award for MGIC

    Tri-Marq is proud to win a bronze Telly Award for our work on “We Are Pioneers” for our client, MGIC. This motion graphics video showcases the company as the pioneer in the private mortgage insurance industry. The video aired at the MGIC Annual Sales Meeting and was launched in conjunction with their social media campaign. […]

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  • A photo of the exterior of the Loews Chicago.

    Loews Chicago O’Hare Hotel

    Rosemont, IL Overview:  This is a very nice property that has been recently totally remodeled. Its management is very event friendly and understands what it takes to put on a good show. There are four medium sized ballrooms and plenty of breakout rooms. Ballroom: Ballrooms and breakout rooms are divided into two sections on either side […]

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  • Steve Forbes

    Type: Keynote Pros: When it comes to the topics of business and economics, the name Steve Forbes carries a ton of name recognition. His presentation was focused on the economy but he did mix in a few interesting stories about politics. He did a question and answer session and answered every question very directly.  One note, the […]

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  • A photo of Stuart Varney speaking at a recent Tri-Marq event.

    Stuart Varney

    Type: Economist/Moderator Pros: As a Fox Business analyst, Stuart Varney will be well known by many attendees—especially those who follow business news closely.  We have worked with Stuart as both a keynote economist and as a panel moderator. Stuart is intelligent, entertaining and very quick on his feet. As an economist he mixes economic forecasting and news […]

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  • A photo of Sugar Ray Leonard speaking at a recent Tri-Marq event.

    Sugar Ray Leonard

    Type: Keynote Pros: He is an energetic speaker who entertains the audience with fascinating stories about his life as an Olympic and professional boxer. He also tells a number of “behind the scenes” stories about his life and fights. Ray uses a number of videos to create a visual timeline of his successes in both the […]

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  • A photo of John Foley speaking at a recent Tri-Marq event.

    John Foley

    Type: Keynote Pros: I have to admit that I didn’t know who John Foley was before his keynote, and had never seen him on any of our clients’ keynote lists. After seeing his presentation I have to wonder why I haven’t seen him before. John mixes stories with leadership insight into a high energy, entertaining and informative […]

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  • A photo of a woman holding the Catchbox.


    We’re looking to cut down on the cardio. During the Q&A portion of events, we are usually running around the room, passing the microphone to all the audience members who have questions. Sound familiar to you? We came across a new product that could replace our light workout with increased audience engagement—truly a win-win. Catchbox […]

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  • A photo of a woman holding an iphone.

    Let’s Get Social

    Consumers have more power than ever now because of social media—they are able to control the conversation. But the brands that interact with their audience through social media enable a two-way communication that allows them to better connect with their audience. So we found a tool to help manage that conversation. Using a tool like […]

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  • A photo of branded elevators at a recent Tri-Marq event.

    Brand the Elevators

    An event’s theme and brand play a vital role in its success. Countless hours are spent developing and refining an event’s brand and tagline, then more time is spent adding visual life to that tagline. Maximizing opportunities to expand that tagline or brand outside of the meeting space can be an effective way to add […]

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  • An image of a projector

    When Failure Leads to Success

    Five minutes into the CEO’s presentation, one of the projectors on a two-screen widescreen blend went out. Half of a 60-foot wide and 20-foot high screen went black, and somehow this event was still a success. The elapsed time from the moment the projector failed to the point that the entire back-up scenario was in […]

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  • The Roosevelt Hotel

    New Orleans, LA Overview: The Roosevelt is a Waldorf Astoria property in the heart of the French Quarter. The lobby, guest rooms and restaurants are what you would expect from a Waldorf hotel: historic, expensive and a little small. Ballroom: The main ballroom, The Roosevelt Ballroom, is around 18,000 square feet and it can be divided into sections. For […]

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  • A professional headshot of Brian Beaulieu.

    Brian Beaulieu

    Type of Speaker: Economist, ITR Economics Pros: I have the opportunity to see a lot of economists speak, as they are popular at corporate events. Often we will see the same economist “flavor of the month” at many conferences, but Brian Beaulieu was a new name to me, and I was very impressed with his presentation. He […]

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  • My Guide to Working with Non-Professional Talent

    by Amy Wrobel, Producer Telling a compelling story typically requires a good storyteller. For some shoots, we’ll hire professional talent, on-camera, or voice actors to carry the message, but in other situations, it’s better to use real people. Real people–that’s what we ‘in the biz’ call anyone who’s not professional, paid talent. Using non-professional talent […]

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  • Giving Thanks By Giving Back: Gavin’s Story of Resilience + Hope

    By Tri-Marq Editor Dan Kosan: In this season of being thankful and the spirit of the holidays, I’m so grateful that Tri-Marq gives me the chance to share my creative knowledge and expertise so that I can help others. This year, I was given the opportunity to share Gavin’s story. Over the past two years, […]

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  • The Back-Up Plan

    This week’s post is brought to you by Tri-Marq VP of Sales, Tom Graybill. There’s an old saying: “Murphy was an optimist.” When it comes to A/V at your event, planning for the worst is the best medicine to beat Murphy’s Law. Thus, the importance of the Back-Up Plan. A good Back-Up Plan includes two […]

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  • Directing Live Coverage: EAA AirVenture 2014

    By: Greg Ideran I was lucky to have the opportunity to continue my passion for live directing this year in Oshkosh, WI at EAA AirVenture 2014. Tri-Marq produced over 50 hours of live video spanning the entire week of the EAA event. Footage consisted of simple one-camera interview shoots in addition to eight-camera coverage of […]

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  • Tri-Marq Volunteers: Greg Ideran

    Tri-Marq welcomes our latest addition to the family, Greg Ideran. Greg is a recent graduate of Marquette University. Tri-Marq is excited to have him on board to work in the production team as a producer.  During his time at Marquette, Greg participated in Marquette M.A.R.D.I. G.R.A.S. (Making A Real Difference In the Gulf Region and […]

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  • Tri-Marq Volunteers: Lauren Johnson

    It’s time for another volunteer profile! This week the spotlight is on our intern, Lauren. She spent her winter break and her summer vacation as our marketing intern. She has a great passion for animals and puts her volunteer time into caring for them at local farms. She also previously volunteered at Lifestriders, a therapeutic […]

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  • Tri-Marq Volunteers: Amy Wrobel

    To continue the series about volunteer work that our team at Tri-Marq participates in, we would like to introduce Amy Wrobel! Some of her volunteer work includes the YMCA Sponsor-A-Scholar Program, the Susan G. Komen Southeast Wisconsin Race , and the Fisher House Foundation. Thanks for all of the great work you do with Tri-Marq […]

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  • Tri-Marq Volunteers: Laurie Vega

    As a socially responsible company, Tri-Marq makes an effort to donate time and services to our community.  Today we celebrate one of our team members who volunteers with many organizations, giving of her time and talent. Meet Laurie Vega: her passion shows in everything she does. These groups are lucky to have her on board, […]

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  • “One on One” with Tom Graybill

    Wisconsin Meetings visited Tri-Marq and met with our Vice President of Sales Tom Graybill. He had some great thoughts on his work with Tri-Marq and new business development as well as his role in following through all phases of production to ensure that his clients are fully satisfied with the product. Working in the meetings […]

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  • Keep the Telly Awards Coming

    Tri-Marq is proud to win another 2014 Telly Award. This award is for The Chamberlain Group’s “Garage Power Station.” We produced this online spot that aired on the Home Depot website and shot this beautiful HD footage and created 3D animation graphics adding a high-tech feel to the video. To match the print campaign, we […]

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  • Another Telly Award for Tri-Marq!

    Tri-Marq was honored with another Bronze Telly Award for our work on our latest production, Superheroes, for our client the Marquette University Golden Eagles. The Tri-Marq creative team led by Amy Wrobel and Dan Kosan, pulled out all of the stops (and gadgets) for this year’s heroes video – and we couldn’t have done it […]

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  • Tri-Marq Wins Yet Another Silver Telly

    The Silver Telly Council presented Tri-Marq Communications, Inc. with a Silver Telly for Northwestern Mutual. Tri-Marq received this top honor for the video we produced, “Day in Our Life with Technology“. Tri-Marq teamed up with Northwestern Mutual to create an engaging and dynamic experience that illuminates why technology is a must for successful practice with […]

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