About Us Our Story

35 Years Ago…

…young producers Jim Culhane and Chris Johnson established Tri-Marq Communications, inspired by working the Seoul Olympics for NBC in 1988. Navigating through ever-changing technology and traveling across the country and back a few times, the company began to grow, and the list of experiences with it. Since those beginning days, we have continued to pursue a vision of storytelling and strive to bring captivating media and events projects around the world.

What separates us

When you’re looking to put on the event of a lifetime or create a video that will blow your audience away, you want the experts. Tri-Marq offers professional services in both areas to offer our clients top-of-the-line experience in either or an exceptional combination of the two.


Below is a a sample of the recognition and accolades our work has garnered within the industry. Each award highlights our dedication to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction. Explore our achievements and learn more about how Tri-Marq continues to set new standards in video and events production.