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Your event is more than just a general session. Let’s talk about the fun stuff: entertainment!

  • A photo of the entertainment group, the passing zone. They performed recently at an event produced by Tri-Marq.

    The Passing Zone

    Type : Speaker Review Overview: Whether you like the TV show America’s Got Talent or not, the show has become a good source for researching acts for corporate events. It seems that any act that is a finalist but doesn’t win quickly makes the rounds at corporate shows. The Passing Zone is one of these […]

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  • A photo of the bass drum with the Doobie Brothers logo from a recent event produced by Tri-Marq.

    Doobie Brothers

    Type: Speaker Review Overview: Great band that really connects with the audience.  They play all of their hits and told quite a few interesting stories.  Producer’s Notes: Sound check was very straightforward and the audience loved the show.

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  • A photo of the Bandaloop performers dancing on the side of a building at Conexpo-Con/Agg 2014.


    Type: Opening Act – Vertical Dance Overview: After a performance by Bandaloop, the audience had only amazing things to say. If you are looking for reactions like “breath-taking” and “amazing” after a performance, then Bandaloop is an act worth considering. Performers from Bandaloop (a vertical dance company) dance on the sides of buildings or suspended […]

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  • "Under the Streetlamp" performing at a recent Tri-Marq event.

    Under the Streetlamp

    Type: Evening Entertainment Pros: Under the Streetlamp is kind of like booking the musical performances from “Jersey Boys”. Four singers backed by a good band perform the classic American radio hits from the 1950s and 1960s. From the moment they take the stage, the performers remind you of the classic music style of 1950’s American […]

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  • One of the three painters in action. She is painting a man with a white beard with a red bandana.

    The Three Painters

    Type: Opening act, speed painting Pros: The audience enters to a blank, dark canvas and within a couple of minutes three painters create a masterpiece. The painting starts with a series of brush strokes and over time grows to be a full caricature portrait of a famous person. As an option, one of the painters […]

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  • A photo of a drum setup at a concert that took place as entertainment after a Tri-Marq event.

    Managing the Rock Band Sound

    Whenever clients hire rock bands for corporate shows, we always add a drum shield onto the equipment list. These are almost never on riders and many bands hate them, but when the lead singer, production manager and most importantly the client hears how loud the percussion sounds in a corporate ballroom, the hate quickly goes away. […]

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  • The 'Cheap Trick' Drum setup featuring their logo on the bass drum.

    The “Five Minute Drill” with Old Rock Bands

    We have had the interesting experience with a couple of rock rands from the 60’s and 70’s who still think it is “cool” to make the audience wait in anticipation for their grand entrance on stage.  At a recent corporate event, the stage manager for a “rock band” listened to the rehearsed band introduction by […]

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  • A close up of the neck of a guitar

    When the Band Van Breaks Down

    The Saturday afternoon before a large corporate show that we were producing, I looked down to see my cell phone ringing—not always a good thing this close to a show. The call was from the production manager for the band scheduled to be the Tuesday night entertainment. Three previous calls had planned this part of the show […]

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  • A photo of a concert from the audience view

    But No Brown M&Ms

    Rock bands have long been famous with their specific and lengthy backstage requirements. These demands are found in a rider attached to their contract and can detail anything from a band’s snacking needs to lighting and sound equipment requirements. This list of requirements can be short or can go on for pages—in perhaps the most […]

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  • Celebrity Riders: The Difference Between a Want and a Need

    Celebrity Rider: (n): a list of requirements, requests, or conditions that a performer or celebrity expects in addition to their appearance fee. Celebrity talents always provide an interesting and unique experience for our team, especially when they come with a ‘rider,’ or a list of requests. The celebrity brings their talent to the show, and […]

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