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  • Medal of Honor

    The Medal of Honor is widely recognized as the highest and most prestigious decoration awarded for service in the United States Armed Forces. Developed during the Civil War, the Medal of Honor has only been awarded to 3,511 individuals, 64 of whom are from Wisconsin. This Memorial Day, people all across the United States are […]

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  • An image of the catchbox audience-friendly microphone in 4 different colors: yellow, orange, blue, and purple.

    Catchbox Review Is In

    Overview:  We have had the opportunity to use the Catchbox on a couple of shows. Here’s our review! Technically: The Catchbox works exactly as advertised. The sound quality was very good and the foam cube protected the microphone well. Audience Reaction: If you are looking for a fun way to engage Q&A this is a good product but […]

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  • A photo of a woman holding an iphone.

    Let’s Get Social

    Consumers have more power than ever now because of social media—they are able to control the conversation. But the brands that interact with their audience through social media enable a two-way communication that allows them to better connect with their audience. So we found a tool to help manage that conversation. Using a tool like […]

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