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 We have global event production down to a science.

Tri-Marq may have home bases in Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago, but our clients take us far and wide to explore the magic of production worldwide. With 35 years of experience, we have developed a very successful production process. We use the same methods no matter where we are in the world. That includes working closely with you for all pre-production, so everything is buttoned-up before you fly.

Tri-Marq owner and producer, Jim Culhane, conversing with a client before the show starts


Keeping you comfortable outside your comfort (and time) zone.

Thinking of holding your next corporate event abroad? Many of our clients who need to produce an overseas event will bring us along rather than finding a local show producer. Why? Because we’re like family. Our team has global event production down to a science. Between managing time zones, partnering with international vendors, and dealing with local logistics, Tri-Marq works hard to produce smooth sailing events even in new places.

Ensuring your safety

Wherever you may be.

At every event, no matter the location, the safety of our clients and their attendees is the number one concern we take into consideration while in the planning stage. The need to check and re-check our plans is emphasized, though, when we take on shows in other countries. While safety regulations vary throughout the world, we plan and manage our overseas shows the same as we would in our own backyard. Nothing changes, and we never take shortcuts when it comes to planning your safe and successful show.  

A photo of the Bandaloop performers dancing on the side of a building at Conexpo-Con/Agg 2014.

Equipment Sourcing abroad

Let’s cover ALL your bases.

Sourcing equipment from another time zone can be daunting. Asking for the right equipment can be difficult as you deal with potential language barriers and specific equipment not being available in some markets. Tri-Marq has created a template that has been successfully used in multiple countries and languages that helps to cut through those barriers to get the right equipment on a show.

International Services We Provide


Project management | Creative development | Production design | Site surveys | Venue contract consultation | Contract management | Entertainment rider consultation | International meeting and event planning services


On-site show management | Rehearsal management | Live show direction | Breakout sessions | Projection, lighting, & sound equipment | Entertainment management | Stage action | On-site recap videos | International on-site show management


Equipment strike | Post-event videos | Presentation archival | Photography editorial & delivery | Post-con meeting with client

Hear from Our Clients

Trends change. Technology changes. Relationships with our clients don’t.


“You guys do some pretty cool s***!”

Global Event Client


“We so appreciate your partnership. We’re getting great comments and people are always impressed with our polished production. Thank you so much for everything.” 



“Once again, so proud to partner with Tri Marq… Thank you for always making me and my team look good – much love for the Tri Marq organization” 



“I am so thankful to be able to count on you when I’m in the thick of it! There is an extreme weight lifted off my shoulders knowing you are behind the controls and that you know what needs to get done when and where!” 


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