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  • A photo of a woman holding an iphone.

    Let’s Get Social

    Consumers have more power than ever now because of social media—they are able to control the conversation. But the brands that interact with their audience through social media enable a two-way communication that allows them to better connect with their audience. So we found a tool to help manage that conversation. Using a tool like […]

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  • A photo of branded elevators at a recent Tri-Marq event.

    Brand the Elevators

    An event’s theme and brand play a vital role in its success. Countless hours are spent developing and refining an event’s brand and tagline, then more time is spent adding visual life to that tagline. Maximizing opportunities to expand that tagline or brand outside of the meeting space can be an effective way to add […]

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  • An image of a projector

    When Failure Leads to Success

    Five minutes into the CEO’s presentation, one of the projectors on a two-screen widescreen blend went out. Half of a 60-foot wide and 20-foot high screen went black, and somehow this event was still a success. The elapsed time from the moment the projector failed to the point that the entire back-up scenario was in […]

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  • The Roosevelt Hotel

    New Orleans, LA Overview: The Roosevelt is a Waldorf Astoria property in the heart of the French Quarter. The lobby, guest rooms and restaurants are what you would expect from a Waldorf hotel: historic, expensive and a little small. Ballroom: The main ballroom, The Roosevelt Ballroom, is around 18,000 square feet and it can be divided into sections. For […]

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