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  • A photo of the entertainment group, the passing zone. They performed recently at an event produced by Tri-Marq.

    The Passing Zone

    Type : Speaker Review Overview: Whether you like the TV show America’s Got Talent or not, the show has become a good source for researching acts for corporate events. It seems that any act that is a finalist but doesn’t win quickly makes the rounds at corporate shows. The Passing Zone is one of these […]

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  • A photo of the bass drum with the Doobie Brothers logo from a recent event produced by Tri-Marq.

    Doobie Brothers

    Type: Speaker Review Overview: Great band that really connects with the audience.  They play all of their hits and told quite a few interesting stories.  Producer’s Notes: Sound check was very straightforward and the audience loved the show.

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  • A photo of Walt Coleman refereeing an NFL game.

    Walt Coleman

    Type: Speaker Review Overview: If your audience likes stories about the NFL, then Walt Coleman is a great choice for a presenter.  The message of his presentation was centered on turning boos into cheers.  Drawing on stories from his experience being booed on the football field, Walt presents a positive message about how to turn […]

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  • A headshot of Polly Labarre, a speaker at a recent Tri-Marq event.

    Polly LaBarre

    Type: Speaker Review Overview: Polly LaBarre is a founding member of Fast Company magazine and author of the book Mavericks at Work: Why the Most Original Minds in Business Win. Her presentation is primarily about leadership.  She includes many stories about successful CEO’s and large companies.  Her message seemed to resonate with the audience. Her […]

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  • A photo of Brian Regan speaking at a recent Tri-Marq event.

    Brian Regan

    Type: Entertainment, Comedian Pros: He is very funny. His style is similar to Jim Gaffigan’s and he had the audience laughing the entire time. His performance is very much like a typical standup performance so it works well for a large audience.  Brian is known for being one of the “clean” comedians, so the typical concerns about […]

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  • A professional headshot of Brian Beaulieu.

    Brian Beaulieu

    Type of Speaker: Economist, ITR Economics Pros: I have the opportunity to see a lot of economists speak, as they are popular at corporate events. Often we will see the same economist “flavor of the month” at many conferences, but Brian Beaulieu was a new name to me, and I was very impressed with his presentation. He […]

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