Author: Tom Graybill

  • The Back-Up Plan

    This week’s post is brought to you by Tri-Marq VP of Sales, Tom Graybill. There’s an old saying: “Murphy was an optimist.” When it comes to A/V at your event, planning for the worst is the best medicine to beat Murphy’s Law. Thus, the importance of the Back-Up Plan. A good Back-Up Plan includes two […]

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  • Lumens Aid: Bright Ideas for Picking the Right Projector

    Guest entry by Tom Graybill, Tri-Marq Director of Sales There is generally one truth when it comes to projector brightness: the brighter, the better. Filling your screen with a vibrant, bright picture makes it easy for your audience to see your PowerPoint, your video, or your camera shot. But how powerful of a projector do […]

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  • Building a Better A/V RFP

    This week’s blog post comes from Tom Graybill, Tri-Marq’s Director of Sales. One of the most useful – and potentially confusing, frustrating, and irritating – tools in planning meetings is the request for proposal (RFP). When it comes to the audio-visual (A/V) aspects of your event, a poorly composed RFP can lead to the wrong […]

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